Metatre operative desks


METATRE is a complete and flexible programme for the office, offering a range of light and modular furnishing solutions, suitable for operatives, semi-executives, executives and managers from the single work station to the open space. The METATRE system, equipped with an aluminum fulcrum structure, is the evolution of the Meta1 system and the Meta2 system. The circular extruded central core column allows the easy connection of all elements both horizontally and vertically. Maximum furnishing freedom for every environment, a strategic solution granting privacy and operators interaction at the same time.


Technical details          
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Finishing desk tops - Melamine
Bleached oak      Beech   Baltic oak   White   Grey


Finishing structure metal
White   Aluminum   Anthracite        


Fabric colours
Yellow   Green   Orange   Blue   Grey


Methacrilate finishings
Matt   Trasparent