This functional wall allows you to optimize the space available. The vertical column is made of steel beam and contains modular holes for you to customize the entire wall with a wide range of fittings and use it as a set of storage cabinets.

Technical details   
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parete_espansione_01.jpg parete_espansione_02.jpg parete_espansione_03.jpg parete_espansione_04.jpg parete_espansione_05.jpg parete_espansione_06.jpg parete_espansione_07.jpg parete_espansione_08.jpg parete_espansione_09.jpg parete_espansione_10.jpg parete_espansione_11.jpg parete_espansione_12.jpg parete_espansione_13.jpg parete_espansione_14.jpg parete_espansione_15.jpg


Finishing melamine
White   Sand   Light Grey   Anthracite   Snow Maple
Burgundy Cherry   Levant Beech            


Finishing essences

Maple   Cherry   National Walnut   Tanganica Walnut    


Finishing structure metal