Drawers basic


Functionals and flexibles, design and avanced technology create high quality pedestals, with a wide range of articles and colours.
All pedestals are availables with ball or roller rails.

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A_CL_cassettierabasic01.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic02.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic03.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic04.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic05.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic06.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic07.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic08.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic09.jpg A_CL_cassettierabasic10.jpg


Magnetic cushion                


Finishing top
Beech   Maple   Cherry    Grey    


Finishing structure
Grey   Aluminum   Anthracite    Beige